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2010-11-04 00:31:31 by Ace8923

Im bored and I play RRO (Ragnarok Revoultion Online) its a free ro server and i gots the xbox live, so hit me up.

I made music

2010-05-05 22:38:16 by Ace8923

Check out my techno beat. Its only like 50 sec long, but its a start. Tell me what you think and how to improve.

Techno Beats

Well its over

2010-03-22 01:45:00 by Ace8923

Well spring break is over for me, mine was a blast. I went to the beach and partied most of the time and played my xbox sometimes. So tell me how your spring break was, if you even had it =P

Battle Field Bad Company 2

2010-03-15 05:19:15 by Ace8923

I love this game,but the thing I hate most is the medic class and the engineer class, they are sooo cheap.

Modern Warfare 2

2010-01-24 15:13:07 by Ace8923

Well I have been busy playing the hell out of Modern Warfare 2, so that why I haven't been on. I am a 1st prestidge lvl 67 i think. oh well if you guys want to play with me, my gamer tag is the same as my username on here.

White n Nerdy

2009-12-22 01:57:11 by Ace8923

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Best Movie Ever

2008-10-04 04:28:30 by Ace8923

Love this movie

Best Movie Ever

Dead Fantasy part 1

2008-10-02 09:13:28 by Ace8923

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Here is one for the final fantasy fans and the dead or alive fans. Have fun.Also here is the link if you can't see the vid. 1mn0


2008-10-01 22:06:05 by Ace8923

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Guys check this vid out. If you like halo then you'll love this. If you love metriod, you'll love it too. This is how halo should have been like. here is the link if you can't see the vid. Check tomrrow for a new awsome vid. 2miY


2008-10-01 20:04:11 by Ace8923

My fing 360 broke and i just bought madden 09. I hate how things break so easily.